Sunday, 19 June 2011

I am hooked

He fixes the blindfold over my eyes. It is the one I bought for Him, for Us, of beautiful purple silk. It does not block my sight completely, if I look down I see a thin sliver of light and the glimpse of my naked body. I close my eyes tight. He does not want me to see and therefore I will shut out this little slice of my world that I am not supposed to see...

Now all is darkness. My senses heightened, I listen for His breathing, knowing I can tell His arousal from what I hear. Gently He strokes the ropes against my naked body and I shiver with the anticipation of what is to come. Swiftly He gathers my forearms and secures them together behind my back. He binds and twists and tightens, positioning them so that my back arches a little, thrusting my breasts upwards towards Him and my bottom out at the rear.

He asks me to open my mouth. At first I am not sure what He has placed between my lips, but He tells me it is His leather cock ring. I am to hold it. I must not drop it. I must hold it there until such time as He needs it. It adds another dimension to my immobility. My teeth slightly apart it is difficult to talk, difficult to swallow the moisture that pools in my mouth. I hug the strap with my teeth, determined not to fail Him.

My breasts are next for His attention. He takes each strand of rope and carefully lays it beside it's brother. He pulls and smooths and straightens and I am slowly cocooned inside a tightly woven jacket: tits provocatively jutting through the only gap. I feel His hands running over the ropes. They find my breasts, fondle and caress them. He breathes into my ear, telling me how beautiful I am, how superbly my breasts are presented.  His hands never stop moving, roaming, exploring; my own hands remain bound and still, powerless to resist.

He takes His longest, blackest rope, I feel the softness of it as He slides it around my waist and secures it with the first tug and twist. Slowly, deftly He begins to lace, from the left, around my back; a twist, a loop and back from right to left. Steadily He weaves; shaping and moulding my body until my waist is encased in an intricately laced corset. He runs His hands over the patterns He has made and traces the contours of the ropes against my flesh. I shiver again; chills cascading through my body at the soft touch of His fingers.

He presses my body forward and I feel the coldness of the lube on His fingers gently probing my anal star. My heart skips a beat as I realise what is to come. Leaning forwards, my mind not on my mouth, I am suddenly aware of the drool which is escaping. Before I have time to act, the cold steel penetrates me. It is a new sensation, the hook is a new toy, but he deftly inserts it deep inside me before pulling the bar of it up between my hands and my back and securing it to the ropes already in place.

Before I have time to consider my reactions to this new sensation His hands are on my breasts, sliding gently towards the nipples, I gasp as suddenly the pressure changes, squeezing and compressing the sensitive buds. Pleased with my response, He extracts something from His bag and moments later my left nipple is tightly held. He has other tasks in mind for His hands, both nipples will be left with an understudy: the unrelenting grip of tight, black clothes pegs.

He is not finished yet. I feel another of His toys pressing deep inside. He squeezes the pump in His hand and it begins to inflate. I shuffle my feet further apart, trying to accommodate more easily this new sensation. Every part of my body feels pressed and squeezed and so much His. My mind is overwhelmed as the sensations grow; I relax and give myself over to the emotions as they build, the ache between my legs begging for release. I sway and He steadies me with His hand. I am no longer here. There are only feelings, beautiful sensual feelings.

From far away I hear the buzzing sound. It is such a small toy, innocuous when you see it or hold it in your hand. He touches it to the ropes and the vibrations travel around my body. He teases and torments my body and my mind. Each touch just enough to bring me to the brink, but never quite over. I moan from the pleasure: from the pent up desires: from the delicious frustration. I know that I am His to toy with. I am here for His pleasure alone. He alone will decide whether or not I have my pleasure tonight.

He shifts the tiny head of the vibe to my sensitive button. I am so close, so ready that it is only seconds before my whole body is shuddering, my eyes rolling behind the blindfold, my breath escaping in gasps. He pauses: deflates the inner toy and removes it. He continues. My body responds to His touch, His fingers, again and again. He takes me further and further, each orgasm more powerful than the last. His arm around my hips steadies me, I am barely able to stand. He drains the pleasure from my body until my mind begins to scream.

I am close to using my safe word, close to tears, when He gathers me into His arms. He takes the strap from my teeth and kisses my mouth with a violent passion. His hand reaches to release the pegs. Lips sealed over mine He sucks my silent scream into His mouth. Then He holds me, just holds me as I slowly descend.

My hands are released, my eyes uncovered, but the corset remains. Gently, wordlessly He guides me to the bed. This time the pleasure will be all His.


  1. Wonderfully erotic and beautifully told story accompanied by exquisite black and white pictures. Thank you.

  2. Wow, thanks for the amazing imagery! It sounds like this was fun for all. Something about the patience that rope play takes has always appealed to me. I wish I did it more often =)

    I'll be following!

  3. Joey,

    Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I love reliving the experience in my mind as I write.

    Velvet <3

  4. Mistress L,

    Welcome =) and thank you for your comments. I agree, the eroticism of the ropes is worth the time and effort they take.

    Thank you for following,

    Velvet <3


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