Saturday, 4 June 2011

Who holds your mirror?

It was just in the background, a song chosen to reflect the mood of the piece that was being delivered in a TV programme; but I heard it: heard every word: and once more was smitten.

'You know that she's half crazy, but that's why you want to be there...'
Is it me or is it Him who is half crazy? Crazy as in non-conformist: crazy as in passionate: crazy as in intensely enthusiastic, but this is not just a craze, this is who we are and there is no half about it... and I know we both want to be here.

'She gets you on her wavelength and she lets the river answer that you've always been her lover...'
It is so beautiful to be on that wavelength: to have that connection, that river of emotions both physical and psychological that let me know that this is it: that part of me that was always there: the underground spring that has finally burst through to the surface. We have always been lovers, always been together, I just didn't know that until now.

'And you want to travel with her, and you want to travel blind...'
Is there a more delicious way to travel? He takes the reins, the helm; He navigates and steers our erotic path. I would not wish to know the route. Being blind is a balm, the antidote to busy life.  I embrace His guidance, relinquish control and find release. Willingly I surrender to the mystery of the unknown as we journey on together.

'And you know that she will trust you, for you've touched her perfect body with your mind...'
The most beautiful, sensual and erotic organ in the body: the mind. It is because He has touched me here, that I can trust: though trust that I am able to acquiesce so deeply: through submission that I find freedom; and what freedom! Touch me again, most delicious of lovers: hold me, mould me, chain me, bind me and my cup will over flow.

'... and they will lean that why forever, while Suzanne holds the mirror...'
When He holds the mirror, the light shines and there are no shadows. He tilts it again and a thousand sunbeams dance. There is no darkness: only blessed radiance. There is no pain: only delicious pleasures. There is no deviance: only the highest peaks of erotic love... while He holds the mirror.

Velvet <3


  1. You are so right Velvet. Cheers.

  2. Joey, thank you, the words just speak to me...


    Velvet <3

  3. That is a great song Lenard Coen has a way with words that speaks to a greater truth.
    I enjoyed your expressions of this thought stirring piece

  4. Cruel,

    Welcome and thank you for your comments. I think all great songs and poetry resonate at multiple levels. Over the years I have loved this song for different reasons, just now this is the chord it strikes and the beautiful emotions it evokes.

    Velvet <3


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Velvet <3

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