Friday, 4 March 2011


There are some lines from songs that stick with me forever. The rest of the lyrics make no connection, just one line, one refrain, that permeates my mind... and a smile leaches across my face...

'Sometimes, when I look deep in your eyes, I swear I can see your soul...'

What will He see when He looks into my eyes? What does my soul say about me? Laid bare for Him both literally and emotionally...

At first I was not allowed to look, not even snatch a glance: the soft lambswool that lined the blindfold hiding the scene from me: a further layer of black tape wound round and round my skull: extinguishing even the faintest glimmer of light.

I could only wait... listen... every sound intensified by my sight deprivation. Every touch intensified... from the softest brush of His lips against my skin... to the bite of the cane across my derriere...

But there are times now when he likes to look down at me... calling my eyes up to meet His. I kneel before Him... waiting... attentive... the instruction may just be a gesture...

I look up into His eyes, and feel His gaze penetrating me... boring deep into me... into my soul...

What does He see?

Deep in my soul is what He already knows...

That I am His. Not sometimes... Always...

Velvet <3


  1. A spelling error ... now corrected ... but it will cost me more than a demerit... <3

  2. There are some songs which have stuck with me over time as well. It's funny the way that some single phrases can last in your mind for such a long time - I have found that over time my interpretation of those single lines can change though.

    I hope the demerit wasn't a big one.



  3. Thanks Emilie, as M was visiting me He only had his 'nursery' cane with Him so those stripes will soon fade...

    I agree about how lines change over time, and also there are times that I think I love a song, and then find the lyrics say something entirely different to what I thought.


  4. Songs can remind us of certain times and places in our past, but to avoid getting trapped in our past, I think we can hear these songs differently 'sometimes'.:-)

  5. Paolo,

    Yes I agree, how I hear a song depends fo much on my emotions and my state of mind at that moment. I love music. I love everything that is deeply sensual.

    Velvet <3


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Velvet <3

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