Saturday, 12 February 2011

The pain and the pleasure of 'Hurting'

"I have always tried to be nice," the text says, "I don't know if I could hurt someone..."
How do I explain to him that although there are times when my bottom, my thighs, even my shoulders have been turned an angry shade of red... even when the next morning there are marks, lines, bruises even... that I have never been hurt?
"If anyone ever hurt me I would never see them again," I text back.
It's true, I have been hurt, but not the way he means, the people who hurt be are the ones who take my trusting heart out and trample over my emotions...the husband who swore he would be true but had an affair after only three years, the man I saw twice and then who cut off all contact not a text, a message an email... That is the pain that I can not tolerate.

But my texter is just a curious friend, he is not M.

M is the one who is with me on my journey. It is He who charts the route we take, He who stretches me, mentally and physically. He who weaves the ropes and fastens the buckles, He who instructs and trains, He who corrects and rewards.

With M there is no hurt... there is pleasure, there is pain, there is ecstasy and exhaustion ...but never any hurt.

Velvet  <3


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Velvet <3

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