Friday, 8 April 2011

The Closeness of His Collar

Usually He takes it with Him. As He kneels beside the bed, roles reversed for once, He will lean over, kiss me and gently remove it from around my neck. Usually it is the last thing that He does in the last lingering moments before He leaves. Already late as we know the traffic will be bad and He has too many miles to cover in too short a time. My neck strangely bare, I roll into the dip left by His body and breathe in His lingering scent from the pillows, trying to hold on to some part of Him. Not yet ready to return to who I am when He is not here.

But this time was different. He ran His fingers along the curve of my neck; He smiled at me and kissed me. I thought at first that He had forgotten, but no, He said He wanted to retain that beautiful image. To picture His sub as He drove, lying naked in her bed wearing nothing but His collar. He pressed His lips onto mine, inhaled the provocative aroma of the leather one last time, and then He was gone. His other life claiming Him once more.

It was hard, so hard, to be the one to take the collar off. I left it for as long as I possibly could. I lay sleepily dreaming in my bed, reliving the events of the previous evening and night, caressing this part of Him that He had left, with my fingertips. When at last I arose, His collar stayed in place as I carried out my ablutions and carefully dressed for the day ahead. At last I could delay the task no longer and slowly unbuckled the strap and unfurled the leather from around my neck. As He had done earlier, now it was my turn to lift the strap to my nose and inhale deeply. Carefully I coiled the leather into my hand, and more than a little wistfully, I placed it in the drawer of my bedside cabinet.

The day passed. Evening came, and we spoke, as we always do, on the phone. As the call ended I replaced the receiver on the cabinet and immediately was drawn to open the drawer and lift out the precious collar. At first I meant only to hold it in my hands, but the natural fit was snuggly around my neck and it was only minutes before that was where it rested. At once I was with Him once more. At once I was at peace, and calm and happy. I sent a text to tell Him what I had done. He was so very pleased. Although apart, we were together; although separated, we were close; although alone, we were at once US.

There is such comfort in the closeness that His collar brings. We both feel it. 

It has now become a nightly ritual for me. Going upstairs and wrapping that closeness around my neck. Lying on my bed and closing my eyes. I am transported to a different realm, a land where we are always together, where I am always His. I am wrapped in His blissful care; I surrender to Him, and in return He melts the trials and tribulations of my day away. I think of nothing... only Him. There is nothing... only Him. His leather warms my bare neck. I close my eyes ... He whispers in my ear and caresses my skin. He is so close.

Wednesday was such a dreadful day at work. I came home and ranted and raved to the empty walls, venting my frustration and stamping around the house. I went on all evening, until at last I climbed the stairs. I went straight to the drawer and took out the collar. At once I was calm. At once I could let go. At once I was just His sub with nothing else to think about. It is such a powerful symbol of our closeness. It shuts the world out as effectively as a blindfold. Instead of looking out, I look deep inside. There I find peace. Peace and happiness. He is close and I am His.

Usually I miss Him dreadfully when He is not here, especially weeks when I am all alone. This week has been so different. This week I have felt Him with me every day. This week I have had the closeness of His collar.

Velvet <3


  1. Velvet

    This was such a powerful and beautifully written post! Thank you.



  2. This is an exceptionally well written post. And,the black and white images you select are so dramatic and erotic. Well done!

  3. What a beautiful post!

  4. Oooops sorry, too many spelling mistakes...

    Raven, Joeyred, sbf,

    Thank you all for your comments. It is so encouraging to hear that people enjoy reading what I am writing, and like the photos too. Thank you all so very much.

    I'm sorry I did not respond sooner to you all. M and I have been away for a few days with no access to the internet.

    Thank you again everyone,

    Velvet <3

  5. Gorgeous, Velvet.

    He said He wanted to retain that beautiful image. To picture His sub as He drove, lying naked in her bed wearing nothing but His collar.

    This is an evocative image and one I'm sure he cherished.

  6. Pink,

    Thank you. I certainly feel cherished (among other things lol)

    Velvet <3

  7. This is written in a beautiful, straightforward, clear and clean way, like the water in a mountain stream. I am touched by all the feelings expressed here, I prefer other kind of bondage though.


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Velvet <3

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